Hale Collection of Connecticut Cemetery Inscriptions

Copied by Lynn Tooley

Brumbley Cemetery Records
Town of Norwich
New London County, Connecticut

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Brumbley Cemetery was copied from the Charles R. Hale Collection as found in the Connecticut State Library.

Bromley, John S., died 1875.

Bromley, Phebe, wife of John S., died Mar. 1, 1872, age 75 yrs.

Brumbley, Eliza W., wife of John S., died Oct. 7, 1839, age 28 yrs.

Brumbly, (stone broken off), Footstone M. E. B.

Willett, Andrew J., died Dec. 15, 1864. Co. A. 26th Regt. Conn. Vols. G. A. R. Marker.

Brumley, Dewy, son of Dewy and Lucretia, died Feb. 20, 1809, age 1 yr. 2 mos.

Brumley, Infant daughter of Dewy and Lucretia, died June 1, 1809, age 3 days.

Keables, Mary E., daughter of Michael and Nancy and granddaughter of Dea. Dewy Brumley, died Sept. 25, 1824.

Huge, Laura C., wife of J. F., born Apr. 7, 1813, died Apr. 6, 1830.

Brumley, Charles, son of Christopher and Hannah, died Aug. 25, 1815, age 16 yrs. 4 mos. 25 days.

Brumley, Hannah G., daughter of Christopher and Hannah.

Brumley, Hannah, wife of Christoper, died May 18, 1848, age 70 yrs.

Brumbly, Christopher, died Apr. 15, 1852, age 75 yrs.

Brumley, William, died Oct. 15, 1812, age 17 yrs.

Palmer, Betsey Smith, wife of Pardon B., died May 5, 1864, age 45 yrs.

Pettis, Joseph, Jr., died Dec. 14, 1853, age 63 yrs.

Pettis, Joseph, died Oct. 6, 1850, age 90 yrs.

Pettis, Vashti Avery, died Apr. 18, 1866, age 91 yrs. 7 mos.

Douglass, A. H., Co. F. 13th Conn.

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