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Headstone Inscriptions
Town of Stamford
Fairfield County Connecticut

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Index of Inscriptions 370-463
List of Cemeteries 464-466
Location of Cemeteries (Chart) -467

This list of inscriptions, town of Stamford, was copied November, 1934, under the auspices of the F.E.R.A and thw W.P.A. sponsored by the Connecticut State Library, was compiled under the supervision of Charles R. Hale, State Military Necrologist, assisted by Miss Mary H. Babin, Secretary.

Hartford, Connecticut, December 1937.

Stamford Cemeteries

1. Old Woodland Cemetery Rear of 536 Bedford Street
2. Simsbury Cemetery On No. Stamford Ave.
3. Old Cemetery Above concrete bridge on Roxbury Road
4. Jewish Cemetery On West Hill Road
5. Roxbury Cemetery West on Den Road
6. Westover Cemetery On Westover Road
7. Palmer Hill Cemetery Between Westover ona Palmer Hill Road
8. Stillwater Road Cemetery #1 South of Bridge Street, on east side of road
9. Stillwater Road Cemetery #2 North of Bridge Street, on west side of road
10. North Street Cemetery On North Street
11. St. Andrew's Cemetery On Franklin Street
12. St. John's Cemetery On Franklin Street
13. West Stamford Cemetery On Greenwich Avenue
14. Long Ridge Cemetery North part of town
15. High Ridge Cemetery Northeast part of town, near New York State line.
16. North Stamford Cemetery On Bedford Road
17 Scofieldtown & Lockwood #4 West of North Stamford
18. Turn of River Cemetery On North Stamford Avenue
19. Newfield Cemetery On Newfield Avenue
20. Belltown Cemetery Toms Road
21. Scofield Cemetery #1 Hope Street, Springdale Section
22. Emanuel Chapel Cemetery Springdale Section
23. Hoyt Cemetery #1 Springdale Section
24. Brush Cemetery East Middle Patent Road, 1/2 mile from N.Y. State line
25. Bundle or #44 Cemetery Farms Roads
26. Hoyt #2 Cemetery Hope Street, north of Springdale
27. Green Cemetery Hope Street, next to Hoyt Cemetery
28. Agudas - Sholem Cemetery Near Roxbury Cemetery
29. New Woodland Cemetery South part of city
30. Smith Cemetery Near Roxbury Cemetery
31. Scofield #2 Cemetery (same as No. 2 Cemetery) On North Stamford Road
32. Knapp Cemetery Stillwatyer Road, south of Roxbury School
33. June Cemetery Junction of Bengal and Den Roads
34. Scofield Cemetery #3 Haviland Road, near Hunting Ridge Road
35. Dean of 53 Cemetery Scofieldtown Road
36. Hebard or 49 Cemetery By turn of River Chapel
37. Belltown Cemetery #2 Oaklawn Avenue, Belltown
38. Hunting Ridge Cemetery #1 East Hunting Ridge, road, corner of Haviland Road
39. Webb Hill Cemetery Webb Hill Road
40. Hunting Ridge Cemetery #2 Near Lockwood's Corner, Hunting Ridge Road
41. Lockwood Cemetery #1 Long Ridge Road, 1/2 mile north of Roxbury School
42. Hunting Ridge Cemetery #3 West side of Hunting Ridge Road, opposite of Haviland Road
43. Lockwood Cemetery 32 Riverbank Road
44. Hait or 25 Cemetery Farms Roads
45. Hoyt - Miller cemetery In woods east side of Stanwich Road, south of East Middle Patent Road.
46. Lockwood Cemetery, same as #24 In orchard 1/8 mile from Riverbank Road, opposite junction of Farms Road
47. Scofield Cemetery #4 Newfield Avenue above Weed Avenue
48. Loockwood Cemetery #4 (see #17) Junction High Ridge & Scofield Road
49. Hebard or 36 Cemetery Turn of River Union Church, Old North Stamford Road
50. Knapp Cemetery On Old Sherwood Homestead, North.
51. Weed Cemetery #1 Cedar Heights Road and Wire Mill Road
52. Lockwood Cemetery #5 Cedar Heights Road rear Yellow Barn
53. Dean or 35 Cemetery Scofieldtown Road, near Wall Homestead
54. Smith Cemetery Riverbank Road, opposite Revolutionary Rock
55. Weed Cemetery On H. I. Dan's Farm, North Stamford Road
56. Fairfield Memorial Park Cemetery Hope St. & Long Ridge

Stamford Cemetery Map

Stamford, Connecticut Cemetery Map from the Hale Collection of Cemetery Records

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